Quality Off Road Caravans Since 2013


At Aussie Five Star Caravans, We pride ourselves on manufacturing top of the range off road caravans that are built to last against tough Australian conditions.

We started in the year 2013 in a small manufacturing unit and were called Aussie Wide Caravans  , however , we have now expanded our business and are now called Aussie Five Star Caravans. We have managed to create a significant name for ourselves in the caravan industry by focusing on building quality off road vans.

Want to travel off road and explore some of Australia’s remote breathtaking locations.

Our off road and semi off road models will help you get there in style with all the comfort and luxury our vans offer.  All our off road vans are fitted with fully galvanized Australian made off road chassis that can help withstand bumpy road conditions or travel in unsealed roads. We are commited to making sure that you get all the cooking and bathroom facilities to have a comfortable trip while travelling to these great locations.

Our off road caravans are available with multiple floorplans and you can pick and choose that best fits you. Submit an enquiry online if you have questions about any of our caravans and we will get back to you as soon as possible.